Hell week experiment

Together with my roommates we decided to do a so called ‘hell week’, meaning: 

‘seven days to be your best self’. 

Because time flies and we never actually stand still.

Even during this quarantine, I notice that I am flying through time

OR I don’t do anything productive the whole day.

So, there must be a way to change something and that’s why

we are trying this concept  - made by Erik Bertrand Larssen.


  • wake up at 5 AM and go to bed at 10 PM

  • set goals

  • work, focus, work

  • no alcohol

  • eat healthy

  • do some exercises

  • no/minimum screen time

  • stay true to yourself. 


I must say that no drinking is easier then waking up at 5 AM.

But who knows what I’m gonna say about that in seven days. 

© Jonnah Bron, 2020